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Stock House Plans & Home Designs

ready to build stock home plans and floor plans

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Previously Designed Stock Home Plans - Ready to Build
We offer a wide variety of stock home designs at a competitive price. Currently, we have over 700 home plans ranging from small ramblers (single-story house plans) to unique two-story house plans and up to custom luxury home designs. Feel free to browse our selection of stock home designs or contact us if you have any questions. We feel confident you will be able to find a plan that will fit your personal needs. For pricing information, please see our stock plan pricing chart.

Any of the home designs found on this website can be modified by Habitations at competitive prices. Please contact us with your requested changes and we will provide an estimate of applicable charges and timing.

floor plans and house plans custom designed for you

Several stock home plans reflected on this website are in development and as such may not be immediately available. Please contact us to verify availability and timing for any specific plans. If the plan is available, it will be ready for shipment within five days. If the plan is not available, we can tell you how long it will take to finish.


Each House Plan Includes (Click on thumbnail to see plan PDF):
Custom Home Plan - Cover Sheet
Custom House Plan - Main Level Electrical /Hvac Floor Plan Sheet
Main Level Electrical /Hvac Plan
Custom Floor Plan - Footing / Foundation Plan Sheet
Footing / Foundation Plans
Custom House Plan - Basement Electrical/Hvac Plan Sheet
Basement Electrical / Hvac Plan
Custom Floor Plan - Main Floor Plan Sheet
Main Level Floor Plan
Custom Floor Plan - Main Floor Framing Plan Sheet
Main Level Floor Framing Plan
Custom Home Plan - Basement Floor Plan Sheet
Basement Floor Plan
Custom House Plan - Upper Floor Framing Plan Sheet
Upper Level Floor Framing Plan & Truss / Stair Details
Custom Floor Plan - Upper Electrical  Plan Sheet
Upper Level Floor & Upper Electrical / Hvac Plans
Custom Home Plan - Roof Framing  Sheet
Roof Framing Plan
Custom Floor Plan - Front/Right Side Elevations Sheet
Front / Right Side Elevations
Custom Floor Plan - Building Sections Sheet
Building Sections
Custom House Plan - Rear/Left Side Elevations Sheet
Rear / Left Side Elevations    

As each house will be built on a unique site, a site plan cannot be provided with the package. However, we will be happy to create a site plan for you for a reasonable fee. Otherwise, a local architect or drafting company can provide this service for you.

custom designed house plans and floor plans

Construction documents:
You will receive five sets of plans with your purchase. Additional copies can be provided for $50.00 per set. A reproducible master copy printed on vellum can be provided for an additional $200.00.

IRC Engineering:
The plans on this website have been designed to the latest IRC requirements at the time of design, however each municipality and State have individual requirements which must be considered by local engineers. Please contact your local officals about the building codes in your area. For the States of: Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado Habitations can provide engineering for a nominal fee.

Terms of Sale:
With the purchase of home plans from Habitations. the purchaser is authorized by Habitations to construct one (1) house only. Copying, duplicating or use of this plan for additional construction is specifically not allowed without the written consent of Habitations. The purchaser shall verify the accuracy of all dimensions, materials, and code compliance prior to beginning construction. The purchaser shall assume all risks for the use of any house plan found on this website. The seller assumes no liability whatsoever for the use of these plans. See our copyright statement for more information on the use of these plans and this website.

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