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Rambler Home Plans
Rambler style home floor plan designs

Ramblers are homes with a Main Level and in most cases a Basement Level. Characteristics of many rambler plans may include: interesting ceiling details and vaults on the Main Level, as it is not hindered by having a floor above, as well as taller kitchens and Dens due to the same reason, allowing taller windows in those rooms to better capture views available.

Two Story Homes have an Upper Level with livable space, a Main Level and in most cases a Basement Level.  Characteristics of many two story plans may include; open to below views of the Main Level from the Upper Level, two story high Great Rooms and Entry Foyers and unique stairway designs accessing the Upper Level.  Bedrooms are typically located on the Upper Level with the exceptions of the master bedroom, which occasionally is placed on the Main Level, and Two Story Homes which only have a bonus room on the Upper Level.

Two Story Home Plans
Architectural home designs-Two Story
Luxury Home Plans

Luxury Home Plans are those which are designed as large estate homes with extraordinary details and in many cases special features to meet every need and desire of a client. Special features may include; thoroughly designed interior elements, various detached structures, unique construction types or materials, indoor pools, large sport courts, gourmet kitchens, secret passageways or hidden rooms, etc. Once homes reach a particular size, their designs inherently require much more detail architecturally and structurally for the client, the builder and for the permitting authority. Our Luxury Plans are designed with that detail.

Affordable Housing Home Plans are plans that are very affordable to build due to simple lines, not as much detail, and sizes that are small but reasonable. These homes typically have limited architectural details, but still offer nice floor plan layouts comfortable for small to medium size families.

Affordable Housing Home Plans

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