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Gallery of Exterior Home Elevations

Habitations Home Plans designs custom homes to fit on any type of lot. A two-story is a great way to get more square footage in a home for a small lot. This home plan includes features such as the pop out with an aged copper roof on the front and a dominant covered porch.
This rambler features many french/european elements including dutch hip gable ends and a beautiful combination of natural stone and brick.
This rambler style home design is great for properties with high water tables. It features a daylighted basement and a raised garage with high ceilings and an added bonus room above.
A custom, luxury home plan such as this is sure to be an eye-catcher. The turret in the front encloses a den with unique features and the front porch adds a natural feel with its timber posts and truss work.
This european home design stands-out with its theme of arched windows and dormers. A combination of rock and brick help to balance the architecture of this single story plan.
Habitations Home Plans specializes in mountain style home architecture. This rambler has a great timber truss system, helping it blend in with its natural surroundings on the mountainside.
This two story has a side entry 3-car garage, maintaining the focus on the tall front entry gable. A sleek copper-topped cantilever is a great way to add space to a den or living area, and a dormer nicely breaks a large roof plane.
This european beauty is one-of-a-kind. The large hip roof is definately unique and is broken-up with arched dormer accents. A wide porch with timbers adds even more to this european masterpiece.
Tucked into its mountain surroundings, this traditional luxury home plan is a welcoming sight to both friends and family. Its classic design features gables, brick and a stately elegance.
This luxury two story is one of a kind. The stone/stucco combination with the gable end timber treatements enhance its european architecture.
Two-story european home plan
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Rambler home floor plan with bonus room
European home plan with arched dormers
Beautiful french/european two story home design
Custom luxury rambler home
Spacious european rambler home plan
Luxury two-story european style home design

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