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Plans On The Board

Unique conceptual home plan designs
Conceptual plans by Habitations are plans that have been thought out or are in the process of being developed, but have not yet been finalized. Though these plans are not completed, the conceptual designs are accessible to all and can be a cost-effective way to begin a custom design, due to the fact that much of the conceptual design is completed.

Feel free to browse our collection of Rambler homes or Two Story designs. Whether simply getting ideas for your own home plan designs or looking for a partially completed design to save time and money, we hope that you will come to see the creativity and unique style Habitations can provide you in designing your dream home.

If any of the plans on the board interest you, please contact us and we can put together an estimate of the time and cost associated with finalizing the plan in a complete buildable set of construction documents. Click here to see a sample of a complete set of home plans.



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