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Habitations Story

Habitations Vision Statement:

To become the leading residential design company in the intermountain west, noted for our creative and quality designs, while delivering to our clients, team members, and associates an experience in excellence.

Habitations Mission Statement:

To educate our market audience about the value of creative, quality, detailed design services; while providing our clients with an enjoyable “world class” experience, delivering consistent design value that truly exceeds their investment.

From a small back office in his home ...

Steve Coombs - President/Architectural Designer

Steve Coombs, president of Habitations, began long ago as an engineer in corporate America, sketching homes for various customers in his free time at night. As his unique talent developed, many who admired, and recognized his creative and distinctive designs suggested that he should use his exceptional talent full time. Twenty-some odd years later, Habitations exists and has grown into a thriving company with a great team of designers and drafters assisting clients with one of the most important endeavors of their lives: designing and building their dream homes.

“We are thrilled when we are able to bring a client’s collection of ideas and dreams to the surface during the design process. Their dreams become real, visible and embodied within their plans, and soon tangible once the construction is complete. A lot of energy and excitement is released in the process once you unlock and have a clear view of ideas which have been developing in the client’s mind, and are now being expressed to us.”
Joe Sadler - Production Manager/Designer

Designing and building a home could potentially be very frustrating, costly and time consuming. We believe it should be an exciting process for the client, filled with anticipation, enthusiasm and ending with a finished product they are eager to see built.

“Residential design is an art; an art consisting of a delicate combination of creativity, practicality and attention to detail. As I have been involved with Habitations, watched them grow and witnessed their skill and usage of this creative art, I am constantly in awe of the fantastic and unique finished designs they create for their clients.”
Sam A. Love – Professional Structural Engineer

With over 20 years of experience in the art of creating beautiful custom homes, we’re proud of our reputation for innovative, distinctive work and our ability to meet customer needs in a timely, cost-effective manner. That’s why the area’s finest builders refer their clients to us again and again. Only one reason can be attributed to the great success and growth of Habitations: that is our long list of very satisfied clients referring us to their friends.

Whether we're creating your dream home or modifying one of the stock plans from our extensive, readily available library to create your own unique space, we're determined to make your habitation perfect for you!


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