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Custom House Plans

floor plans custom designed

Turning your dreams into reality
We recognize that every person has unique needs and wants, and that you may not find the "house of your dreams" within our supply of stock house plans. In addition to the blueprints contained on this website, we offer custom designed homes at a very competitive price. We can design a home especially for you that can meet your specific needs and wishes regarding floor plans and a home design. Whether it be large or small, spacious or compact, your custom designed home will be exactly what you want.

Meet with the Designer
Each custom home begins with a conversation with you about your new home. We believe great architecture begins with your ideas, feelings, and needs—not ours. We learn about who you are and listen to what you say. We can work side by side with your contractor if you already have one. Then we use our creativity and architectural skill to create a custom design that reflects the things that are important to you. We don’t offer standardized “models,” “sizes,” or “architectural details”—we won’t try to squeeze your needs into a preconceived box. Instead, your new home starts with a clean sheet of paper, fresh ideas, world-class design, and you.

An Accomplished Architectural Designer Defines your Project
After our meeting, we will draft up a proposal, which will include all of the details of the design process and give you a clear view of the timeline and cost of the project. The proposal will also include a list of all the ideas and details we discussed and collected from our first meeting. We have found this very helpful such that you can review the list and insure that we understood your ideas correctly. If there happen to be any discrepancies in the list, we can work together to make sure it is complete and comprehensive before the design phase begins. In the hands of a skilled and imaginative architect, the answers to these simple questions become the foundation for the design of your new home.
The process is interactive and collaborative. We take great pride in our ability to listen to others’ ideas and turn them into conversations about what is possible. Our clients are often surprised and delighted to learn they have many more choices than they originally thought. Our greatest satisfaction is designing and building a home that is beautiful, functional, and uniquely yours.

Questions, Questions, Questions
Habitations initial project definition and custom home design services are furnished on a retainer basis. The process usually requires a few visits with us and takes from one to three. Multiple design approaches are frequently considered. During this time we address many of the questions you might have, such as: How will Habitations work with your contractor or builder?, How long will it take to produce the concept?, or questions about building permits and technical issues such as engineering.

Finalizing the Plans
The final stage in the design process is to put the concept design into a digital format. The concept design will be entered into the computer by an experienced drafter and within a short period of time you will have a set of build able house plans. You will be pleased at the quality of the designs and impressed with the great detail that is shown on your home plans.

custom designed luxury house plans
If you have been thinking of building a home that fits all your needs and wants, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be excited to put our years of custom home design experience to work for you. We will sit down with you face to face to find out precisely what you would want. Or, if it suits you better, we can work with you over the internet, via e-mail. We have successfully designed homes for people in both manners, and are confident that you will be pleased with the way we do business. Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have with regards to your own custom designed home and floor plans.

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